Tinea Versicolor Treatment

What is Tinea Versicolor?

Whether you stumbled on to this page because you have questions about that strange, red, rash looking thing that seems to be slowly spreading all over your body. Or, you’ve already been to the doctor and have been diagnosed with this more than embarrassing skin condition, I’m here to tell you, that you are not alone! Tinea Versicolor has a few different names (Pityriasis versicolor, Dermatomycosis furfuracea, and Tinea flava) but is most commonly diagnosed and referred to as Tinea Versicolor. It can start out as a seemingly small red dot, and then before you know it, spread into a much bigger, extremely embarrassing problem.

Classic Cases Of Tinea Versicolor

Classic Cases Of Tinea Versicolor

Wikipedia has also covered a great deal on Tinea Versicolor, click the link to read more.

What causes Tinea Versicolor?

The causes of Tinea Versicolor vary, however the foundation of it relies on the yeast living on our skin. Yes, yeast on your skin. Every human being has it but an over production (or growth) of this yeast is the root of the cause. The more technical name of this yeast is called Malassezia furfur. If you didn’t already know, yeast is a form of fungus, which is why if you ever visit your dermatologist regarding this issue, they generally will label it as a ‘Fungal Infection’.Tinea Versicolor As with any fungus, it thrives in humid, moist conditions. It is very common for people who live in tropical parts of the world to have it. There has been some speculation as to what causes it. Doctors say it can be anything from hormonal changes, to a weak immune system (are you getting in enough vitamin C?). I can recall the day it first started to appear, as it was when I was going to the gym and sweating a lot. Unfortunately, I would wear a lot of tank tops which would never give my skin any room to breathe. Between sweating vigorously, elevating my body temperature, and wearing a tight undershirt, it created an environment for the yeast on my skin to grow out of control. So, My first tip – if you haven’t already been doing so is to LET YOUR SKIN BREATHE. Wear loose clothing to increase breath-ability and avoid creating an environment for Tinea Versicolor to thrive in.

Symptoms of Tinea Versicolor

Symptoms of this condition can vary, with the most obvious one being a circular, or blotchy red shaped spot. These generally start out as very small red dots, leading you to believe it could be just a blemish. However, over time these spots seem to get bigger and bigger and before you know it have spread into larger patches. Although Tinea Versicolor is not generally a painful or itchy rash, very rarely people do report it as feeling like a sharp and itchy pin-prick sensation. As I said, it is rare for this skin condition to be reported as painful or itchy, this is what makes it so frustrating and hard to understand. A completely normal person can have the clearest skin ever, but within weeks can develop an eyesore of a skin condition. The good thing, it is not contagious so don’t worry about passing it on to your loved ones or family members. The condition some are literally faced with (refer to the picture below) actually affects an astounding 6% of the American population, and that’s just in America alone. Imagine how many other people are affected by this around the world? Crazy, right?

An example of TInea Versicolor which has traveled to this man's forehead.

An example of Tinea Versicolor which has traveled to this man’s forehead.

Millions of other people just like yourself wake up every single day with this embarrassing condition, and if it goes untreated, can spread ALL OVER your body. I had Tinea Versicolor, and it was spreading all over MY body, from my neck to my back, my chest, arms, and even found it working it’s way down to my legs. I had to stop it, but I couldn’t afford the $130 lotion that the doctor wanted to prescribe me. Oh, and by the way, this condition is considered cosmetic. In other words, my insurance (and probably yours too) wouldn’t cover a dime of it. The reason being  is that because it is neither a painful (usually) nor fatal condition, they do not feel it is necessary to provide you coverage of the costs. This is a serious problem, as I had no money there was no way I was gonna get anybody to shell out that kind of cash, I didn’t even want to have to pay someone back that much money.

My Treatment For Tinea Versicolor

SO, to make a long story short, I started to research Tinea Versicolor Treatments. I found that getting some prescription was not only hugely expensive (for a very small amount) but it was not the only solution. In fact, the amount of over the counter remedies for Tinea Versicolor was quite shocking. I was a bit baffled as to how the big pharmacies could even make a dime, as there are several low cost solutions at every consumers disposal. All it took was a little bit of research and I quickly found myself on the way to a cure for Tinea Versicolor. I felt it was necessary to track my progress for my treatment of Tinea Versicolor. Throughout the 2 and and half weeks or so of my own treatment, I took daily (almost daily) progress pictures of the most affected areas of my body, which I will show you below.

Just 2 weeks of my home treatment and I was cured.

Just 2 weeks of my home treatment and I was cured.

The first picture was taken on May 27, 2013. As you can see at this point, my skin was very affected by Tinea Versicolor, and was only getting worse. The large red patches I had described earlier in this post started out as little red blemishes. You can actually see more small patches that were starting to form at the top of my chest. As I said before, these small red dots will gradually spread to form larger patches which you can definitely see happening on my stomach area. My biggest mistake was letting it get to this point. However, I wasn’t going to live with this and as you can see in the picture to the right I did not for long. I do realize the lighting in my after picture is different, why? I have no idea. I took these with my I-phone 4 so I’m not sure why there is such a difference, but as you can see my skin is visibly much clearer, although not 100% it is a milestone from the red, blotchy spots I previously had. In just two weeks! I’ve created this site to share my experience in treating Tinea Versicolor. I was fed up with this condition, and if you have gotten to this point, I’m sure you could say the same. Although the vast difference was not achieved over night (it never is) just like anything you will need to dedicate yourself to ridding your body of this condition. Believe it or not the confidence boost of having normal looking skin is quite amazing. In a world where your appearance can make or break your well being, an embarrassing skin condition such as Tinea Versicolor simply DOES NOT HELP. If you’ve found this page searching for a cure, I’d like to congratulate you on your first step towards your freedom from Tinea Versicolor. If you have a few bucks (not 100’s like the big pharmacies want) and the drive to rid yourself of this condition, you’ve come to the right place. If you would like to follow exactly the same protocol I came up with and used, Please click here for my personal Tinea Versicolor Treatment.

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