Tinea Versicolor Treatment

Coconut Oil For Tinea Versicolor

The rise in popularity of coconut oil as of late has been astounding. You may be surprised that coconut oil may have strong potential to cure Tinea Versicolor with daily appliance of it to the affected skin. With the health benefits of it being touted everywhere from the internet to television, you may already have a jar of it in your cupboard. Even if you don’t, the cost of coconut oil is relatively cheap and it’s mainstream attention has caused it to be a hot product. Most of your local grocery stores will carry it. You can find it for roughly $10.00 and the amount you receive can last you quite a while.

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The Dr. Oz show has done a great segment on the benefits of coconut oil, further pushing it into mainstream recognition. In the show he covered things such as the ability for it to improve natural energy, weight loss benefits, and improving dry or irritated skin. In the video below you can see a piece of the segment in which Dr. Oz explains the difference between a ‘large chain fatty acid’ and a ‘medium chain fatty acid’. A large chain fatty acid which is contained in food like a steak as he mentioned. He explains that these fats do not dissolve in the blood, like the medium chain fatty acids. To put it simply, large chain fatty acids make you gain weight and medium chain fatty acids do not.
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More Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is not just a delicious, guilt free oil. There is a ton of scientific based Coconut Oil For Tinea Versicolorevidence backing coconut oil and all its glory. Have a look at some of the benefits of coconut oil below.

  • Coconut Oil Reduces Hunger – Again,  another aid in weight loss. The reduced appetite may be related due to the fact that the medium chain fatty acids have an appetite reducing effect when metabolized and turned into Ketones. If you eat any medium chained fatty acid at breakfast time, you will more than likely not feel the need to eat as big of a lunch.
  • Coconut Oil Can Reduce Cholesterol – It has a great amount of saturated fats. Saturated fats, formerly believed to be harmful, raise the good cholesterol known as the HDL cholesterol. The studies have been proven in both humans and rats that coconut oil can reduce risk factors related to heart disease.
  • Coconut Oil Can Improve Your Brain Health – The Ketone bodies that are metabolized from coconut oil can supply energy for the brain and reduce the usage of glucose as energy in different parts of your brain. It has been proven in studies that consuming medium chain fatty acids leads to a vast improvement in your brain functions and mild cases of Alzheimers disease.
  • Coconut Oil Can Help Reduce Belly Fat – The most dangerous fat you can have on your body is the fat located around you belly. It is a preventable cause of many diseases. Studies have shown that 1 ounce of coconut oil per day significantly reduced body mass index (BMI) and the circumference of 40 women’s waists in a period of 12 weeks.

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External Benefits Of Coconut Oil

  • Coconut Oil Can Reduce Acne – Although coconut oil is still an oil, and it is not recommended to put large amounts on your face, Coconut oil can kill the bacteria which causes acne and strengthen your skin. It can give your skin a great glow as well!
  • Coconut Oil For Acne Scars – Coconut oil contains capric, caprylic, and lauric acid, along with vitamin E which can help diminish acne scars. It can prevent new scars from forming as well.
  • Coconut Oil For Dry Scalp And Hair – Monolaurin, a product of lauric acid has antimicrobial properties, this acid is found in my body and hair cleansing products. You can reduce the dryness and improve the shininess of your hair by applying a small amount of coconut oil in your hair. However, too much and your hair could become too greasy.

But What About Coconut Oil For Tinea Versicolor?

To get back to the point of this article. Coconut Oil has been a proven method to effectively treat Tinea Versicolor. Although the process of applying coconut oil to the affected areas is not in the Tinea Versicolor Treatment plan, there have been many people who were successful in treating the skin condition with it. This is not just a wives tale either, coconut oil contains an ingredient that is not only anti-microbial, but anti-fungal as well.  The anti-microbial/fungal agent I am talking about here is called Lauric AcidThe medium chain fatty acid makes up for almost 50% of the fatty acids in coconut oil. When it consumed as a food, it is then converted into a monoglyceride known as monolaurin. When used internally it has the ability to kill harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses. These have been known to kill common sources of yeast infections in humans such as Candida Albicans, which is related to Tinea Versicolor. Coconut Oil for Tinea Versicolor is highly recommended to aid in curing the skin condition, especially if  you are looking for a more natural treatment for Tinea Versicolor. The recommended usage to treat the condition with coconut oil is to apply it to the affected areas at night after you have showered and your skin has been cleaned. It is used as a natural moisturizer so  feel free to go wild with it. Some users have even added tea tree oil (an anti-fungal essential oil) to the coconut oil or body wash for an even stronger effect. If you are inclined to use tea tree oil for Tinea Versicolor as well, I would recommend using it after a shower for best absorption. In the video below, this women talks about Tinea Versicolor in a different light and how to treat it with just coconut oil and oil of oregano. Oil of oregano once again is also used in natural treatment for Tinea Versicolor due to its anti-fungal properties. Her recommendations include maintaining a clean diet. She covers thing like being able to listen to your body and to pay close attention to what it is trying to tell you. In her case, she has found that her diet which included wheat and gluten contributed greatly to her condition. If you haven’t already, cutting out sugars, dairy, wheat, and gluten could be a major benefit to your treatment for Tinea Versicolor.



If you feel the need to try a more natural treatment for Tinea Versicolor, coconut oil would be a great starting point. The scientific based claims are astounding and benefits range from weight loss and better health, to treating common skin conditions such as Tinea Versicolor. At a general price of $10.00 and the amount needed, it will not only prove its usefulness to your body, but to your wallet as well! It is important to remember that just any coconut oil will not suffice. Be sure to choose one that is virgin and organic coconut oil. Refined oil which may be cheaper does not equal a better product. You get what you pay for and when treating Tinea Versicolor, quality is much better then quantity.

Recommended Coconut Oil Product

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