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Tinea Versicolor Pictures

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If you still are not sure whether or not you have this skin condition, please have a look at the following Tinea Versicolor Pictures.

It is important to keep in mind that this condition can have a different appearances on certain people. Generally, if you have tanned or darker skin the spots will tend to be a milky, white color, like in the following images of Tinea Versicolor:

Tinea Versicolor PicturesAs you can see in the images above, these people all have pretty severe cases. In Hawaii the locals refer to this as Haole rot. Because of Hawaii’s tropical environment , Haole rot (Tinea Versicolor, Pityriasis versicolor, Dermatomycosis furfuracea, and Tinea flava) can be developed fairly easily. This tends to happen more so with tourists who are not used to the tropical climate of Hawaii (or any moist, humid environments). It is claimed to be contagious and that it is not advised to share towels or get into physical contact with someone who may have it. However, while I wouldn’t suggest to share your towel with anyone in the first place, Haole rot (Tinea Versicolor) is not contagious.  Just remember that as with any fungal condition it is best to stay on the caution side of things and not share clothing or towels with others.

Keep in mind that unless your skin is naturally darker, immediately refrain from tanning in any form. Many people assume that they can ‘burn’ off the fungus, or even out the skin tones by tanning, but this is not the case and the pictures above are a good reference as to what happens when the skin is tanned. Whether it be sunless tan’s or natural,  the fungus will inhibit the spots from capturing any form of pigmentation. So if you have just noticed these spots after a few tanning sessions, do not proceed any further and instead pursue my Tinea Versicolor Treatment.

More Pictures of Tinea Versicolor

In the images of Tinea Versicolor above you were able to see what happens if you generally tan often or have darker skin by nature. For the people who have lighter skin tones, the spots can take on a red or salmon colored appearance. This can also happen when you get a ‘flare up’ of Tinea Versicolor which can take on an inflamed look and cause the spots to appear very red. Since my skin is lighter in tone, this was exactly the case for myself. If you are a huge fan of saunas like myself (Tinea Versicolor’s best friend), then you know that saunas create a perfect environment for it to thrive in. However, I did find that when I dedicated myself to my Tinea Versicolor Treatment that the use of a sauna helped to get rid of dead skin and open the pores for better absorption of the products.

Here are a few examples of what it can look like on people with lighter skin:

Tinea Versicolor Photos

As you can see in the Tinea Versicolor pictures above, the spots have taken on a red or salmon color. Keep in mind, this condition can appear anywhere on your body. In the first image it looks like the spots may have started directly on the man’s head. While it is more common for Tinea Versicolor to appear on the parts of the body that are usually covered by clothes, it can spread all over. The bright red spots you see above do not usually maintain such an ‘inflamed’ look. If you haven’t already read the home page, one of my first tips was to let your skin breathe. To prevent a ‘flare-up’  like in the above Tinea Veriscolor pictures, wear light and loose clothing. If you have the tendency to sweat more the others, then try applying a baby powder, or even better – an anti-fungal athlete’s foot powder. Doing so will help prevent moisture and humidity from building up and giving Tinea Versicolor an environment to thrive in.

How Tinea Versicolor Affected Me

Below is an example of how this condition affected me personally:

Tinea Versicolor Images










As you can see, this was at its very worst. I felt like I had not even noticed how bad my Tinea Versicolor had gotten until I actually took a picture of it and saw for myself. It was horrible! The red and inflamed look that you can see was quite the eye-sore and I felt very embarrassed at this point. The following Tinea Versicolor pictures are of my progress over a 2 week span. You can get rid of it that quickly too, if you keep up with the regimen.

Tinea Versicolor Photos

In just 2 weeks I was able to get rid of Tinea Versicolor using over-the-counter products. If you have not seen the Tinea Versicolor Treatment page, I encourage you to do so. There you can find the exact regimen I used in treating this skin condition and how you too can get rid of it in as little as 2 weeks. The products recommended here are tried and true and have worked for thousands of people. No expensive doctor visits or prescriptions needed. I hope these Tinea Versicolor pictures have been of some help, if you are still a little unsure about what you may be experiencing. For frequently asked questions on this skin condition, please have a look at the Tinea Versicolor Questions page.

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